4 Selangor PPBM reps decide to back PH


Selangor PPBM representatives, (from left) Mohd Shaid Rosli (Jeram), Sallehuddin Amiruddin (Kuang) and Harumaini Omar (Batang Kali), at the news conference.

PUTRAJAYA: Four of the five PPBM assemblymen in Selangor have pledged their support for Pakatan Harapan.

The four are Sallehuddin Amiruddin (Kuang), Mohd Shaid Rosli (Jeram), Adhif Syan Abdullah (Dengkil) and Harumaini Omar (Batang Kali).

The four said they came to the decision after meeting Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here.

“We appreciate the mandate given to us by the rakyat in the May 9 polls in 2018. This is why we are backing Pakatan Harapan, especially in Selangor,” Harumaini told reporters.

Shaid, meanwhile, said they would leave it to the Selangor PH leadership to assess their “loyalty and partnership”.

He also said they were not looking to become independent representatives.

Sallehuddin went on to reveal that the fifth PPBM assemblyman in Selangor, Abdul Rashid Asari, who was earlier today booted out from the state administration, had remained uncontactable since the political crisis was sparked by Mahathir’s resignation as prime minister and PPBM’s pullout from PH.

Rashid was the state executive councillor for culture, tourism, Malay civilisation and heritage.

“We were unable to contact him for any discussion,” Sallehuddin said.

PPBM left the coalition last week and has formed a new federal government coalition with Umno and PAS.


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