DaBaby’s Baby Mama and DaniLeigh Beefing Amid Hook-Up Rumor


DaBaby's Baby Mama and DaniLeigh Beefing Amid Hook-Up Rumor

MeMe and the ‘Cravin’ singer have been trading insults on social media as it has been reported that there’s something romantic going on between Dani and the ‘Suge’ rapper.

DaBaby‘s baby mama MeMe has been feuding with DaniLeigh. The two ladies have been taking a shot at each other on social media amid rumor that there’s something romantic going on between Dani and DaBaby.

MeMe took to Twitter to accuse the Dominican-American singer/dancer of blocking her. “Sis got me blocked, but word keeps getting back to me .. so hopefully the energy is the same in real life,” she posted. She followed it up by calling Dani “obsessed.”

When a follower asked MeMe why she’s mad, Dani chimed in and replied, “Cause she bored.” When someone told MeMe to “handle” Dani because “this little girl been getting out of line for too long,” the latter clapped back at the said user, “Get outta here ..ain’t nobody worried about y’all . Dead a**.”

They went on sharing cryptic messages on the micro-blogging site. MeMe wrote, “When ya man obsess over you … Then his team of ducklings.” She followed it up with, “Sometimes you just gotta check a mf to help them gain understanfing on who they playing w.”

Meanwhile, DaniLeigh seemingly told MeMe to “GO GET A JOB.” She added, “U so on me… Hop offfffff.” When a person told Dani to leave MeMe alone, she appeared to confirm their beef as replying, “All her tweets about me . Shut up.”

Dani then shaded MeMe as posting, “When ur bio says u only spread positivity and ur entire timeline is hate.” In her bio, MeMe claimed she’s about “Spreading Positive Love & Energy. I REALLY BEEN DAT.”

Refusing to back down, MeMe hit back as tweeting, “One thing we don’t do is cut a crash dummy off , yous a dummy … we’re gonna treat you as such.” She added in following posts, “An tell you what you wanna hear … Or you’ll end you suicidal and we don’t wanna deal with that.”

MeMe also took to Instagram to air out her feelings about Dani. “Don’t play victim now… stand on you being obsessed w. me like a weirdo,” she wrote on her Stories. “I keep receipts for times like this when people try to get out of pocket.”

Amid the two ladies’ feud, Dani is following DaBaby again on Instagram, fueling the speculation about their romantic relationship. She additionally left several emojis on the rapper’s post promoting his “DO DAT” music video.

DaBaby, however, has not said anything about the tension between his ex and his alleged new flame.