Essential Malaysian Government Telegram Accounts That You Should Follow During COVID-19 MCO

Getting up-to-date information is as important as ever, and especially these days with the Movement Control Order (MCO). But getting them from the right source is just as important, to ensure you’re not getting the wrong information.


Today, we’ll be talking about some of these right sources. Specifically, these are Telegram channels run by Malaysian governmental bodies. You should follow these channels to get up to date information relevant to both the MCO and the COVID-19 pandemic. And because they are run by our own government bodies, you know that they are both accurate and relevant to us.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Telegram is, it’s an instant messaging platform like WhatsApp. It’s also got end-to-end encryption for your chats. telegram

First up, and also most useful when all this blows over, is This channel was set up by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). It’s also our local equivalent of a fact checker, with the focus of curbing the spread of fake news.

It was also set up quite recently, in the middle of March 2020. You can be assured that anything you find in there has been verified by the relevant authorities. And with the COVID-19 pandemic currently going on, news related to the outbreak being put up on the channel have been verified by the Ministry of Health.

Sihat Milikku

Sihat Milikku KKM Telegram

Speaking of our Ministry of Health, it’s got its own Telegram channel as well, called “Sihat Milikku“. And throughout the MCO, this will likely be the one you’ll check the most. Here’s where you’ll get all the health related news, and especially about COVID-19.

In addition to news, this Telegram channel is also where you can get other information about staying healthy at home, among other things. At the time of writing, the channel just shared tips on staying active with your young ones, and where you can still donate blood during these times.

Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre

CPRC KKM telegram

The second channel by the Ministry of Health, this one deals with more immediate health crises. And with the current health crisis being the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s where you will get a constant stream of information regarding it. If COVID-19 is the only thing you want to learn about, then this is probably the Telegram channel to follow.

For better or worse, this is also where you get morbid, COVID-19 related numbers. These range from the number of new COIVD-19 cases in the country, all the way to the number of people who have recovered, and passed away, from it.

Majlis Keselamatan Negara

Majlis Keselamatan Negara Telegram

The Malaysian National Security Council also has its own Telegram channel. In recent times, the channel is used to keep you up to date with COVID-19 numbers, like the previous channel. These range from the number of new cases, the number of total cases, the number of people who have recovered and the number of people who have succumbed.

Beyond that, there are other security related news being shared. These days, chances are you’ll see news about people being arrested for not obeying the MCO. That being said, you’ll still see public service announcements like being careful with scams.

Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia

JPJ Telegram

Our Road Transport Department‘s Telegram Channel serves as an honourable mention in this list of channels to follow. While not directly related to the COVID-19 outbreak, it does provide useful information that you may use during the MCO.

With the MCO in place, getting around can be difficult. Equally so is dealing with affairs related to them. These include renewing your driver’s license, or getting a new one for your bike. This channel has pretty much all the answers you need.

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