Our Staff

Sam Leach,
Technology Contributor
CTO and Web Marketing in tech

Waqar Wastuni
Freelance journalist with experience on news desks. I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in International Relations.

Santosh Maskali
Global Human Rights news
Currently full-time contributor. Experience in Human Rights related research in academia and human rights NGO. I have a master’s degree in History.

Daniel Moval
Styling and fashion contributor
Passionate writer with editorial and interning experience in the subject of styling and LGBTQ affairs. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English.

Adelle Nottingham
Journalist and Freelance Blogger
I am currently writing about English political literature. Enthusiastic writer and researcher. I hold a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Journalism.

Gabriella Bianchi
I am currently a contributor for various sports media outlets. An avid fan of writing and all kinds of sports. Previously interned as writer in sports magazines in Italy. A Giants and AC Milan fan. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Exercise, Sport and Health Sciences.