Two Areas In Johor Are Now Under Lockdown Due To High Number of Positive COVID-19 Cases

While we were busy tuning in to the launch of Huawei P40, it turns out that the government has decided to implement Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) on two areas at Johor due to high number of positive COVID-19 cases over there. Due to that, around 3,570 people from 650 families in both areas now have been put under lockdown.


Covering Kampung Dato’ Ibrahim Majid and Bandar Baharu Dato’s Ibrahim Majid in Simpang Renggam, none of the residents within both areas are allowed to go out of their homes until the EMCO implementation is concluded on 9 April 2020. Naturally, visitors are also not permitted to enter these areas as well.

The entrance to Kampung Dato Ibrahim Majid, as captured by Google Maps in January 2019.

Even if you are a resident but was out of the area before the lockdown took place, you can’t come back to your home either. Given the extreme measure, the Department of Social Welfare will distribute food to resident in both areas throughout the EMCO period and medical base will also be set up over there too.

There is no doubt that the EMCO should serve as a major warning to the rest of us. Hence, we are asking everyone out there to continue doing our best to stay home, stay healthy, and practice good hygiene at all times, in order to help stopping this COVID-19 pandemic as soon as possible.

(Images: Google Maps.)

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