Want To Live Longer? Centenarians Share Their Secrets


Centenarians do know a thing or two about longevity, having lived for ten decades. They know best about which health strategies to employ to combat diseases and keep death at bay for as long as possible. While moving into the third decade of the millennium and making health-related resolutions, regular folks could adopt some of the tips that centenarians have to offer.  

In the U.S., the population of centenarians is said to cross the one million mark by 2050 and a quarter of the children recently born are likely to be centenarians. Their secret? They seldom suffer from psychiatric illnesses, they sleep well, possess ample optimism and avoid food laced with chemicals. 

Here are some tips put together by Dr. Mercola. Read ahead to find out more. 

Avoid stress intelligently

The older population places the avoidance of stress as the most important factor above all else. That is not to say that they did not lead stressful lives, but the difference was that these wise people learned to adapt in strenuous circumstances. They did not let the stress get to them. Rather than spending time obsessing over aspects they could not control, centenarians mastered the art of moving on. 

Positivity can counter diseases

Optimists live longer than pessimists. Positive thoughts boost immunity, decrease risk of diseases and contribute to longevity. The positive outlook and attitude keeps them healthy. One UCLA study indicated that people with more happiness in their life had lower inflammation in terms of epigenetics. 

Refuel and counter muscle loss

While bone and muscle loss is inevitable in old age, maintaining muscle mass is important. This is done by eating enough protein. The elderly need more protein than the regular population, almost as much as endurance athletes. Scientists advise allowing your body to refuel and fast before eating protein on the days of strength training. 

Avoid letting chemicals in your immediate environment

Using non-toxic products to do your household chores and maintain hygiene are important to prevent toxins from entering your body through the immediate environment. Pesticides, insecticides, bug sprays and hygiene products must be done away with more organic alternatives. Following a diet of organic and unprocessed food helps as well because preservatives are made of harmful substances. 

Take nutrients to prevent cognitive decline

Vitamin D, DHA, folate and magnesium keep cognitive abilities intact through old age because these nutrients have a direct impact on old age. The American diet is usually not replete with these essential nutrients, which are extremely important to protect the brain’s health. 

Sleep well and preserve yourself

Poor sleep disturbs the body’s circadian rhythm, which dictates the body’s sleep-wake cycle. It affects the cell regeneration processes, hormonal balance and metabolic syndrome of a person. Good sleep prevents chronic health conditions such as diabetes, depression and obesity, hence it is essential for good health. 

See benefits of old age as all encompassing

Do not see old age in isolation as something that is far away from the present reality. The more you treat your body as a temple throughout your life, the more it will help you in the long run. Strive to always be in good and positive mental health. Keep yourself active in old age, immersed in learning new things and spending time with family or friends. 

Centenarians New research finds centenarians lack some genetic variants that predispose others to chronic disease. Jean Bajean, CC BY-SA 2.0


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