Will Health DG do better in lieu of minister in Covid-19 battle?


YOURSAY | ‘It looks like the politicians are playing politics instead of taking care of the rakyat.’

PM urged to set politics aside, appoint health minister urgently

Anonymous 2043: I strongly propose that Amanah leader Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad be reappointed to the health minister position.

He was doing a good job in responding to the Covid-19 episode before the unexpected coup. He is a doctor first and a professional who happens to also be a member of a political party. I see him as a technocrat and not politician.

Put politics aside for the sake of the country and the rakyat will remember your deeds.

Vgeorgemy: The new government should have kept former deputy prime minister Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Dzulkefly and his deputy as part of a high-powered committee with cabinet power till the cabinet is formed.

We have to move fast and set aside partisan politics.

Such an appointment should come before the day ends. Failing which, Perikatan Nasional has no public interest in their hearts other than to loot the public exchequer.

Anonymous #3322: Dzulkefly has done a great job as our health minister and is the best one we’ve had so far. Now that our government has gone to the dogs, we are on our own.

The crooked politicians are busy politicking to secure their power.

Kahlil Gibran: I am sure the health director-general (DG) and the chief secretary to the government can handle the matter. In fact, the minister relies on them.

Sinan Belawan: A minister is usually a political appointee. However, the PM can and should appoint non-politicians with expertise in their areas for the following ministries – finance, health and education.

The director-general of health is capable of managing the coronavirus situation.

Idiocracy: The health director-general is functioning well and currently reporting directly to PM. I doubt a rush for a new minister would improve the situation.

Instead, we know many of these ministers are mere politicians who are not more competent than their director-generals and secretary-generals. In fact, many of these ministers get in the way.

Look at these former ministers Mohamad Sabu, Salahuddin Ayub, Teresa Kok, Redzuan Mohd Yusof and Maszlee Malik.

All they did was rock the boat in the ministry, transferring people and getting in the way. After the recent brouhaha, we view the current crop of politicians nothing more than self-serving power-crazy greedy parasites.

Kang_Mas: Move quickly, please. But meanwhile, the civil service can do better. Just give them more budget.

A new minister too will just talk and talk, and at the same time, the opposition will start condemning him as usual.

Doc: Currently without a health minister; the Health Ministry is doing a good job in trying to contain the Covid-19 epidemic for which the situation will get worse.

Primary and secondary government and private health care facilities in the country are all alerted and know what to do to treat, contain and prevent this epidemic.

In short, professional healthcare personnel are in charge now and they are focused on the rakyat’s wellbeing.

Once a health minister comes in; the health decisions will shift and be made to ensure the health minister and his party and the current government looks good in the eyes of the public and the rakyat’s wellbeing will come second.

If things go south with the handling of the epidemic; as expected with politicians here in Malaysia, a scapegoat will need to take blame for their political actions and as usual, the doctors will be made the scapegoats.

Anonymous_1543: It looks like the politicians are playing politics instead of taking care of the rakyat. Still refuse to face Parliament to put to rest the issue of whether the new prime minister has 112 MPs? Want time to do what? Get more MPs?

In the meantime, the rakyat suffer. We hope the Agong can do something about it.

After all, Muhyiddin Yassin was appointed by the Agong because he was thought to have the majority of MPs so this must be cleared up immediately and not delayed till May.

Anonymous 2465: Perikatan is more interested in getting the votes to stay in power. The ultra-Malays are happy they have power.

The notion that Covid-19 is a Chinese issue is erroneous as more non-Chinese are getting infected.

The signs of the new government failures are slowly coming out. The full effect will be seen when thousands of B40 (bottom 40 percent), the majority being Malays, lose their jobs due to the impact of Covid-19.

Anonymous_1539: This shows how much the new PM really cares about the rakyat. Inaction speaks louder than words. It’s a reflection of priority.

Wait till the virus spreads and they are still be fighting over the spoils of war.

Anonymous_1529: Yes, reappoint the old health minister for three months on a temporary basis till the next one comes on board.

Or simply give the job to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Anonymous_26353482020: It looks like many Malaysians are giving up on politicians after the ‘coup’ last week. Understandably, they are hurting. 

But can the civil service do better on their own? Without transparency, I doubt it. At least, politicians are nominally accountable to the people. 

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